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  • What is Kvatt reusable packaging?
    It is a very innovative and sustainable packaging solution, which combines a great customer experience and the highest sustainability standards. The idea is simple. Instead of using 100 packages once, why don't we use 1 package 100 times?! More details here:
  • How sustainable is Kvatt reusable packaging?
    Kvatt's packaging is made out of strong and durable materials. Its design and construction allow each packaging to be reused and reused up to 100 times, eliminating all waste from creating new packages for every shipment. The product lifecycle is controlled from manufacturing to recycling, so no packaging ends up in landfills or our oceans.
  • Can I return a product I have received in a Kvatt package?
    Yes you can! Simply go to the brand's website and check out their returns policy and process. Make sure you do not use the Kvatt prepaid label, which is in the package. It would send your parcel to the wrong place... So leave this prepaid label in the package that you send back, and make sure you use the label that has your brand's name on it :)
  • Do I have to pay to return the empty Kvatt package?
    No. Nada. Niet. In the package, you will find a return label for your empty Kvatt package. It has been prepaid, so it's entirely free! Just stick this return label and drop the empty package into your nearest letter box. Sorted!
  • How do I return a Kvatt package?
    Easy peasy. Empty the package. Stick the prepaid return label at the back. Drop the empty package in your nearest postbox. PS: if you need to return an item to the shop, make sure you follow the steps detailed on the brand's website. Do not use the Kvatt return label in that case, use the one provided by the brand. Just want to make sure it goes to the right place, you know.
  • Can I keep a Kvatt, or use it for a personal shipment?"
    That would mean you love our design, and that's super great to hear. We love it too! However, please send back the package as per the instructions. It is the only way to ensure this package will be used 100 times, and not just once. Once out of the reuse cycle, our package feels like a lost soul... We don't want that, do we? ;-)
  • How many times can I reuse it this package?
    Our package was designed with longevity in mind and can be used up to 100 times! If you have received a Kvatt at home, please send it back, so it can actually be used 100 for 100 lives.
  • Having an extra return journey for each packaging use doesn't sound sustainable. It is?
    On average, the impact of returning an empty package is approximately 0,04Kg of CO2. Despite this, a Kvatt package is less impactful than cardboard after its 6th shipment! Of course, we are not stopping here and are continuously improving our package to reduce this number as fast as possible.
  • Can I ship to customers outside the UK using Kvatt?
    At the moment, Kvatt can be used to ship products to clients in the UK only. The prepaid Royal Mail label that we provide (and which should be included in all shipments using Kvatt) only supports domestic shipments. By shipping outside of the UK, the package would be received by your customer, but could not come back. Yes, it would become a lost soul...
  • How should I use Kvatt to ship products?
    Easy peasy. It's pretty similar to single-use. Your customer selects the 'Kvatt reusable packaging' option on your checkout page Add a prepaid return label (we provide it, don't worry!) in the Kvatt package Ship the product to your customer using this Kvatt package

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