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What is reusable packaging?

Reusable packaging is an incredibly exciting innovative and sustainable solution.  Let's take a step back. What's wrong with packaging?


E-commerce is booming, and so is our consumption of packaging. In the UK alone, 4.2 bn parcels were shipped in 2021. Think about it; we take materials to make packaging to ship one product, just once or rarely twice. Then, we dispose of it.  Take, Make, Dispose - that is a linear system.

Packaging from our e-commerce orders piles up in our homes, puts unnecessary pressure on natural resources; and generates waste - which is often poorly recycled, is incinerated and ends up in landfills and oceans.

Reusable packaging is switching this model by removing waste in the first place. We're switching from linear to circular.  What does that mean?

Say KVATT to single-use packaging.

'Kvatt' means 'Goodbye' in Icelandic;  we say Kvatt to single-use packaging!

Why use packaging once or twice?  Let's be bold. We think it makes more sense to use it 100 times! Our in-house team of designers have designed our packaging with longevity in mind, and our team of operations make it possible to reuse it.

Kvatt provides a complete set of services to help e-commerce businesses implement reusable packaging solutions.

How does it work?

Reusable Cycleimage.png

For businesses,

It's as simple as using single-use:

  • We provide businesses with reusable packaging, each with a prepaid return label,

  • On the e-commerce checkout page, customers tick the reusable packaging option,

  • Their order is shipped in a Kvatt reusable package.

For customers,

It's unique and seamless:

  • Customers receive their product in a pure-designed Kvatt package,

  • They empty the Kvatt,

  • They follow the instructions to return it:

    • stick the provided prepaid return label

    • drop it for free in a letterbox.

For the planet,

We make it as sustainable as we can:

  • The package arrives in our hub, it is cleaned and is repaired if needed,

  • It is ready for a new shipment,

  • When it cannot be reused, our partners recycle it!


What is the value?

Less waste and pollution

1 reusable package can remove the need for 100 usual packages. This means less pressure on the resources required (materials, energy), and less waste in landfills and oceans.

Increased brand equity

1 in 5 customers won’t buy from retailers that don’t offer sustainable packaging. Jumping in now is a chance to please customers and prevent reputational risk.

Unique customer experience

Packaging is the first interaction between a brand and their customers.

Great design. Great unboxing experience

Leading the way

We are confident reusable packaging will become the new norm. As always, it depends heavily on a few ambitious innovators to lead the way. 

Join us, and help make it happen!

Any more questions?

That's understandable, reusable packaging is still very new! We have put together an FAQs page to help clarify important questions. 

Every use counts

Every single time a reusable package is reused, it removes the need to produce a single-use package.

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